sake connects the WORLD

A sake shop in Nishi-Ogikubo, Tokyo.

I will never forget the flavor of the freshly pressed sake on a cold winter day.

Sake became part of my life.

It did change my life.

I have been going through a lot with international people, and come to know

that sake can make people happy without boundaries.

We would like to be part of it through dedicating our passion to the sake industry.

Sake goes to the world.


Koji Uenoyama

Website creation, Sake consultation, SNS/marketing support,  Internet media, Sake events

Sake-Related History

2013~ Sake School Osaka
2017~ YouTube translator for Kobe Shushinkan 
2017~2020 Hana Sake Bar
2017-2018 Walk in US., Talk on Japan
2018~ SAKE World Cup®︎
2018  Contribution to Osaka-Kansai Expo 2025
2021~ Glue Japan LLC



A Sake promoter, born in Osaka, 1975. After graduating from a two year private language institute majoring in Spanish, moved to the US. Obtained another degree in Spanish from San Diego Mesa College. Experienced a wide range of business fields and industries; travel, education, public relations, hospitality. (Globe Trotter T&E, a PR/Marketing firm, Hotel New Otani Osaka) Started own business, operating an international hostel, Guesthouse CaminoRo, in 2010. Serving as a "bridge between Japan and the world" has been the motto since then. Main sakeーrelated activities include: Sake School Osaka 2013~, Project manager at Daimon Shuzo 2018, Management of Hana Sake Bar 2017~2020, organizing SAKE World Cup 2018~. Greatly impacted by the Corona pandemic in 2020. Founded Glue Japan LCC in 2021 to further pursue better relationships between Japanese culture and the rest of the world.

*Member of “Walk in US., Talk on Japan  (Japan Gov. project 2017, 2018)
*Osaka-Kansai EXPO 2025 IBE Final Presentation Concept Video. Appeared as a representative Osaka person who promotes Japanese culture to the world.
*Sake World Cup®︎ (The first tasting event of internationally made SAKE 2018~)
*Sake School Osaka (2013~ taught Sake to more than 1,200 int’l people)

*Father of two.  Professional translator English – Japanese.

SAKE is a cultural asset of japan, and we are the bridge for you.